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Colourful Animals - Marbling Paper by Djeco

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A striking set to introduce the art of paper marbling with coloured inks.

The clever design enables children to complete the animals in the 4 paintings with marbled stickers that they have produced themselves. The ink is dropped into the prepared tray and swirled to create beautiful patterns. Stickers are placed onto the inky water so the patterns transfer. 

The patterns can then be stuck onto the appropriate animals to complete the look. A colourful chameleon, handsome shark, gorgeous giraffe and many more, all get a marbling make-over.  

Kit comes in attractive storage box and contains:  4 illustrated scenes (21 x 28 cm), 8 stickers sheets, 1 plastic container, 5 bottles of coloured inks (green, orange, black, blue, brown + 1 transparent), 3 sachets of powder for preparing the wash, 3 sticks, 1 palette, 1 protective tablecloth, 5 sheets of draft paper and a colour step-by-step booklet. Instruction video also available (see box for details). 

Makes eye-catching wall art for the bedroom wall. 

Responsibly sourced Mix. 

Djeco recommend for children aged 7 - 12 years. 

Box dimensions: 28 x 23 x 4.5cm (approx)



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