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Coloured Sands - Garden Lights by Djeco

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Who is visiting the garden? A friendly fox? Maybe a curious owl? In this beautiful craft gift there are 4 pre-printed pictures to complete in this sand art by numbers set.

Use the 12 pots of coloured and phosphorescent sand to decorate the charming animal portraits. The careful design of this kit keep the activity (and hopefully any potential mess) contained in the sturdy box, which has a small hole in one corner for draining excess sand back into the pot after application. A special tool makes it simple to remove the protective paper and expose the sticky surface beneath, ready for the sand application. 

Great for displaying on a bedroom wall (turn out the lights and watch the nocturnal creatures glow in the dark). 

Step-by-step guide included.

Djeco recommend for children from 5 - 8 years.

Box dimensions: 23 x 23 x 4cm.

Picture cards measure 15 x 21cm


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