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CLACK! Magnetic Game

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Get ready for fast furious fun. 

Roll the two dice to establish a colour and a shape. Players then race against each other to acquire all CLACK! discs that meet those criteria. The 36 magnetic discs are laid out on a table between the opponents.  Each player builds a growing tower with each turn. Be careful though, once it gets to a certain height the tower is less stable and you may lose some discs in your haste. 

Players can only use one hand using the stack they have already collected.  The highest tower at the end, wins! 

If you are looking for a calm, peaceful game, this may not be it (it really depends on your children!). CLACK! can get very competitive and positively encourages high spirits and rewards crazy fast reflexes. It is a good natured way to encourage motor skills, hand eye co-ordination and attention to detail (don't be too eager, there's a penalty for collecting the wrong disc). 

This game is quick to start (just 5 rules per game) and highly addictive. 

This product meets European Quality standards. 

For 2 - 6 players. Suitable for ages 5 years +

Contains: 36 magnetic discs. 1 colour die. 1 shape die. Illustrated instructions. 

Boxed dimensions: 13 x 17 x 5.5 cm (approx). 

Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

Recommended for children aged 5 years +


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