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Be Happy - Teen Breathe Series

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From the team behind the bestselling Teen Breathe Magazine, comes a series of inspiring guides designed for teenagers. Be Happy is filled with short articles on staying positive, pursuing passions and finding happiness within. 

You can't be happy all the time but with good habits and a healthy outlook, joy will find you. A book to inspire the reader to laugh, celebrate, smile, and be happy. 

Full of fresh illustrations and modern day wisdom. Setting goals (large and small), navigating friendships, learning to step back from social media and finding the courage to stand out from the crowd - all these topics and more are discussed. 

Plenty of pertinent topics covered in an age appropriate manner.  

Other titles in this series also available on this site.  

Editors of ‘Teen Breathe’ -  written by the team behind the bestselling magazines, Breathe and Teen Breathe, and experts from various fields, such as education and wellbeing.


Recommended for 13 year olds + (mature tweens will also benefit). 

128 pages. Paperback. Full colour throughout. 

Book Dimensions: 191 x 140 mm


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