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ABC What Can I Be?

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If you want to let your children know that they really can be anything, from an early age, then this colourful board book is a great choice. It presents a world of career possibilities - from Astronomer to Zoo Keeper and everything in between. 

A fun way to learn the Alphabet, each letter is paired with an eye-catching illustration showcasing 26 different career paths. The perfect gift for small children with a bright future ahead.

The inclusion of more unusual careers makes this book an entertaining read ('B' is for Beekeeper and 'P is for Paleontologist') and left me in no doubt that this is a fresh and modern A to Z. 

As any parent knows, some childhood books are read time and time again. At least with this one, you can rest assured that the message 'you could be anything' is being gently reinforced with every read. 

Great for boys and girls to share together. Both genders feature equally across the pages. The author steers clear of gender stereotypes about which sex does which job (e.g. there is a boy florist and a girl computer game developer). This book includes children from different ethnic backgrounds and with physical disabilities. 

ABC What Can She Be? is also available on this site. 

Boardbook. Recommended for ages 3 +  

Product Dimensions: 9.4 x 0.8 x 9.4 inches. 32 pages.


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