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ABC Let's Celebrate You & Me

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A celebration of all the things that make us unique and special, from A to Z. Following the success of sibling titles ABC What Can She Be? and ABC What Can I Be? comes a colourful new board book from the brilliant Sugar Snap Studio. 

After a tough few years, this is a sunny alphabet book that cheerfully celebrates all kinds of things that make children special. 

Our bodies, our emotions, our interests and hobbies - there is so much to notice and enjoy. We all have different talents, ideas, and things to say, but we are more similar than we are different. ABC Let’s Celebrate You & Me presents a whole alphabet full of positive attributes kids can celebrate, including their bodies, skin, eyes, and hair, on the outside, as well as inner qualities, such as their kindness and personalities. 

This chunky board book is a winning combination of bright illustrations and thoughtful text. Every little reader can identify with the children represented on the pages. 

A great book to gift.  Encourage kids to think about who they are from an early age. It is never too soon to promote that all people are unique, special, and worthy of love and happiness. Reinforce self-love and kindness to others with every read through. 

A special, nurturing way to learn the alphabet for young children. Great for boys and girls. Both genders feature across the pages. This book includes children from different ethnic backgrounds and with physical disabilities. 

ABC What Can She Be? and ABC What Can I Be? from this series are also available on this site. 

Boardbook. Recommended for ages 3 years +  

Product Dimensions: 9.4 x 0.8 x 9.4 inches.

32 pages.

40+ colour illustrations.

Responsibly sourced Mix. 


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