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30-Second Mythology (Paperback)

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The 50 most important classical myths, monsters, heroes & gods, each explained in half a minute!

Perhaps you never had time for that Classics Degree. Or you enjoyed the adventures of Percy Jackson and want to know more about the stories that inspired the author. This best selling series (over 4 million copies sold worldwide) is here to to provide an easy reference book for the curious. 

What did Hercules do to deserve his 12 labours? 

How did Narcissus find the love of his life? 

Why did it take Odysseus 10 years to travel 500 miles? 

A great addition to the bookshelf. Cherry pick, or read it from cover to cover. The perfect choice for young students who are new to the subject, and older students who need a refresh. 

The style and informative nature of this title would best suit teens (or precocious younger ones!).

Edited by Robert A Segal.

Product Dimensions: 197mm x 152mm (Spine Width 13mm).

Paperback: 160 pages


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