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100 things to do in a forest, front cover

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100 Things To Do In A Forest

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In an age when people are in search of new and more fulfilling experiences to replace screens and bring families together, this book explores 100 ways to connect with nature and discover the benefits of forest fun.

From bushcraft activities like whittling and firelighting to spiritual pursuits like forest bathing and meditation, forest educator Jennifer Davis has brought together activities for people of all ages, helping them to connect with their forests and woodlands, while discovering the healing and restorative benefits of a life lived outdoors.

A thoughtful gift for tweens and teens that will help them find their roots.

Warning, this book will introduce readers to the delights of 'cow pat frisbee'!  As well as old wisdom, the author includes some refreshing and innovative alternatives for how to spend outside time well (Dice-Rolling walk, Shadow Tracing and Fish Tickling to name just a few). Leave this book lying around, and I guarantee all your visitors will be diving in. 

Hardcover. 160 pages. 90 colour illustrations. 

Book Dimensions: 220mm x 155mm. Hardcover: 160 pages


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