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Wooden Sushi Play Food Set

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For sushi lovers everywhere. This wooden play set includes sliceable sushi rolls, shrimp, tuna, easy-to-use chop sticks and a (wooden!) cleaver. The sushi makes a realistic chopping sound when sliced in half. All 24 pieces are stored in a beautiful wooden Bento Box. Age 3 years +
Box 25.4 X 22.4 X 3.8 cm. Includes 24 pieces. Age 3 plus.

Why they'll love it

Little diners will love cutting up the pieces and practising with chopsticks! They can create their own restaurant and serve their friends. Whose for wasabi? A colourful and appealing play set.

Why you'll love it

This well designed and attractive toy (we love the attention to detail) provides a great opportunity to teach your child about Japanese cuisine. Cutting apart the velcro pieces can help develop motor skills and general dexterity. It might even encourage a trip to your nearest sushi bar. Sturdy and fun - even if it is a major contender for most middle-class toy of the year! Our only improvement would be a lid to contain the pieces in the toy box.


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