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What's Hidden In The Body? Book with Magic Glasses

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A delightful interactive book (hardcover). At first glance, the outside of your body is all that you can see. But look through the three coloured glasses and discover a hidden world within. Every page has something to reveal. Find out what is really going on inside the marvellous machine you live in!

'Your skin covers your whole body. It is like an outfit that you never take off (look through green lens). It is very strong and protects you from water, cold, heat and sun (look through blue lens). What happens to your skin when it is very cold? What do the little hairs on your arms and legs do? (look through red lens)'

On each page, each looking glass shows a different surprise. Find out about blood, bacteria, the senses, heart and lungs.  

'A fascinating book that invites readers to look, look and look again: it’s perfect for stimulating curiosity about the human body' - Red Reading Hub

For ages 4 years +

Book dimensions: 28.00 x 26.30 cm. Hardback. 24 pages. Not recommended for children younger than 4 years.

Why they'll love it

We love how little readers get to discover and explore with this book. The magic glasses keeps the reading session interactive. 

We think this read would be a hit with all children, but may be particularly good for children who enjoy 'doing something' and can struggle to just sit and listen.

There is a storage flap inside the first page so the glasses stay safe until next time.

Includes a foldout poster. 

Why you'll love it

This is another quality book from Aina Bestard that will really help little minds fall in love with reading. It is very hard to do these beautiful pages justice with photos alone. If you think back to the 'magic eye' craze of the 90s, but this time the magic lenses allow the reader to see the image that couldn't been seen with the naked gaze.

Put a little person on your lap, get ready for an anatomical adventure and you will see just how lovely a read this is. Great for encouraging powers of observation and attention to detail.

The first book in this series - What's Hidden In the Woods - won the Gold award for best pre-school book Prima Baby Awards 2016. This award winning title and What's Hidden in the Sea are both available on this site. 




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