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Wallbook Timeline of Science & Engineering - What On Earth?

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Tremendous timelines. This hardback wallbook has been developed with experts at the Science Museum.

Witness how people have changed the world with their hands and brains over more than 10,000 years from the Stone Ages to the present day.  This unique history of science and engineering includes a 2 metre-long fold-out timeline containing more than 1,000 pictures and captions that tell the story of the world’s greatest scientists and inventors from ancient China to the Middle East and from enlightenment Europe to modern America.

Includes more than 30 newspaper articles, a 50-question quiz and a pocket magnifier.

Perfect for 7-14 year olds but equally fascinating for adults of all ages.

Height: 29 cms Width: 22 cms Depth: 0.7 cms Length (when fully unfolded): 2 metres

Why they'll love it

So many facts, presented in such a fascinating way. 2 metres of wonderfulness. The innovative use of newspaper articles to report the key facts in an engaging and accessibly manner is inspired.

Why you'll love it

A brilliant book for getting children and young people excited and entertained by science and engineering. Colourful and informative. Accurate and encyclopedic in its approach, this is a great resource to have handy for homework assignments, or just for pleasure. A lot of book for your money.


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