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Baobab (previously Tumble Tree)

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Take it in turns to fling, slide, toss and balance the different cards onto the ever growing tree canopy. Every card requires a different manoeuvre to place it correctly on the Baobab tree. For example, snakes slide under other cards. Bees can go anywhere but no other animal cards can touch them or they'll get stung. The toucan card swoops on top from a foot away, whereas the chameleon copies the previous move. Our favourite move is for the bat which involves closing your eyes and releasing your card in the right direction and hoping your animal finds the tree. Tricky! 


The aim of the game is to avoid penalties and be the player with the least amount of cards at the end, but most importantly don’t let the treetop topple.

This is a game that rewards concentration and co-ordination. The concept is easy enough for young players to grasp quickly, and there is no reading once the rules have been understood. There is some luck involved, but this game also relies on dexterity, a steady hand and good hand-eye co-ordination.


Game playing time 15 minutes. Contains 108 cards. Suitable for 2 - 4 players aged 6 years +

Product dimensions: 12 x 11.5 x 11.5 cm. For ages 6 years + Tumble Tree and Baobab are exactly the same game.

Why they'll love it

A colourful engaging game for animal and jungle lovers. A fun way to build fine motor skills.

Frustration levels for younger or less able children can be managed by reducing the amount of cards shared out at the start, until they are ready for a bigger challenge.  

Suitable for different ages to play together, so great for sibling groups.

Why you'll love it

The compact size of the tin make this game a good travel toy to enjoy on the go.

We like the neat design whereby the tin stores the cards but also doubles as the tree trunk during play.

This game has been critically reviewed and well received - it won the Best Children's Game at UK Games Expo 2017.










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