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The World As 100 People, front cover

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The World As 100 People

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Sometimes you come across a book that has such a clever angle on helping readers understand 'too enormous to easily comprehend' concepts. This title is such a simple but effective way for helping children (and teens and adults!) understand their place in the world, and how other people live. 

What would the world look like if the 7 billion people on this planet were presented as 100 individuals? This beautifully illustrated and informative infographics book re-examines the world’s population with fascinating and often sobering results. Covering diverse subjects such as demography, education, technology and health, The World as 100 People reveals that 61 people are Asian, 15 are African, 10 come from Europe and 14 are from the Americas. 51 people live in cities, yet 36 lack basic access to sanitation. 21 people are overweight, 15 are undernourished and 1 is starving. 40 individuals are regular Internet users and 21 have a Facebook page. Perhaps most shockingly of all, 48 people currently live on less than US$2 per day while 1 person owns 48% of all the world’s wealth.

With bold infographics from Melbourne-based designer and artist Aileen Lord, The World as 100 People highlights the reality of the world we live in. It is enlightening and thought provoking, and will ensure that you’ll never look at the world’s population in the same way again.


Hardback. Colour illustrations throughout. 80 pages.

Book Dimensions: 175 x 152 mm. 


Published June 2016. 






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