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The What on Earth? Stickerbook of Big History

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Make history stick! Take a trip through the history of the world in more than 100 stickers! Build a metre long world history timeline telling the story of planet, life and people from the Big Bang to the present day. 

The Big History Stickerbook can be unfolded and spread out on a table, stretched across the floor or even stuck up on a wall. To make your own sticker-book version of the history of the world just unfold the timeline attached to inside back cover and stick more than 100 stickers in the right places. 

You can also enjoy colouring in the What on Earth? Big Bang montage. How many different dramatic moments from history can you spot in the picture?

A brilliant book for getting children and young people excited and entertained by history. Colourful and informative. 

Please note there may be some differences in the front cover shown, and one received. However the actual product remains the same. 

Publisher recommends for 3 years +. After Alice recommends for readers 6 +


Dimensions: 30 cms x 22 cms x 0.5 cms
Length (when Timeline is fully unfolded): 1.7 metres



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