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The Lord of the Wings - A Bird Trump Game

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This card game is worth buying for the title alone. But as well as that, this beautifully illustrated pack brings a whole world of class to a favourite pursuit.

Played with the same rules as Top Trumps, Lord of the Wings will have you pondering all kinds of questions. For example, which bird has the widest wingspan, a California Condor or a Magnificent Frigate bird? Which bird lives the longest, a Wandering Albatross or an Emperor Penguin? This avian trump game rates 32 birds by criteria including clutch size, rarity and courtship display. Find out who’s first in the pecking order with these colourful, realistically portrayed illustrations by Christine Berrie (of Bird Bingo fame). 

A great way to learn new bird facts.  A great gift for Twitchers and nature lovers. An enjoyable memory skills workout. Encourages strategic thinking. Entertaining and educational. Travel size. 


32 illustrations. Dimensions: 99 x 75 mm. 34 cards.


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