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The Human Body - A Pop-Up Guide to Anatomy

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Take a look under the skin of the human body. Be amazed by what you find. 

This wonderful book is illustrated and presented as if the reader is a medical student (circa 1839) working on their first human body dissection! You are led through this awesome task by a very able tutor - Dr Richard Walker (former Biology & Science teacher now turned writer, specialising in human biology). 

The incredible engineering of the pop-up pages allows the reader to peel the flaps back to reveal the inner workings of the human body, from bone and muscle, to the brain, eyes, heart, lungs and everything in-between.

The vivid, realistic, Victorian-inspired illustrations meet with medical notes and sketches to give a complete in-depth exploration of how the human body works. The style and informative nature of this title would best suit tweens and teens (or precocious younger children). This feels and looks like a grown up book. 

An inspired choice for curious children who like to find out how things work and are put together. Probably not for the fainthearted or squeamish! Great reading for wannabe doctors and scientists.  Some of the paper constructs require gentle handling (e.g. tabs need to be folded back in or tucked safely away for next time) so this is definitely a book for a careful reader who can appreciate it. 

Hardcover. Word count (including flaps) approx 5000. 

Product Dimensions: 248 x 327 x 25 mm


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