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Tatouage: Wild – 108 Temporary Tattoos

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This is most definitely a tattoo set for the more discerning child or teen. Adorn your skin with these beautiful tattoos inspired by the animal kingdom. With over 100 designs, from birds, beetles and butterflies to seahorses and ladybirds. Tatouage: Wild has a wonderful mix of colourful designs in a variety of sizes and shapes, making these tattoos suitable for different parts of the body. 

This set also includes a book of 21 art-print keepsakes, which can be used for display and animal identification. These enduring keepsakes can be enjoyed long after the tattoo has been washed away. 

Illustrations by Lucille Clere.

Manufacturer suggests this gift is suitable for children aged 14 years + but with adult discretion and supervision, we suggest this product could be enjoyed by considerably younger children. 

Product dimensions: 140 x 210 mm

Why they'll love it

Tattoos for the discerning nature lover who wants more than a skull & cross bones or unicorn design on their arm. Perfect for parties and play dates. A lovely treat during the summer holidays when your child just wants to let their hair down and go wild.

Why you'll love it

Each tattoo is non-toxic and transfers easily, leaving a vibrant design that will last a few days. When it begins to fade, it can be removed easily with baby oil. Individual tattoos can be added to a nature themed party bag. The quality art print keepsakes are a nice touch which last after the tattoo has faded.


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