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Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza - Card Game, angled box

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Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza - Card Game.

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It can be very easy to dismiss games with ridiculously random names that you can never quite remember. On this occasion, do so at your entertainment peril! Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza does have a ridiculously random name, fact. It is also very easy to learn, very enjoyable to play and will entertain the whole family. And, once the children are in bed . . . if you happen to have a bottle of tequila near by, it would also work extraordinarily well as a drinking game. 

Ahem. Let's get back to the family fun. Players each have 12 cards in their own personal draw pile. They are face down. In turn, players carefully turn over their card onto the central pile, whilst repeating the title mantra (the first says 'Taco', the next 'Cat', the third 'Goat' etc etc). If the word spoken aloud matches the image on the card revealed, players race to slam the central pile. The last hand to make it, takes the cards and adds to the bottom of their pile. Every time play begins again, the loser starts with a fresh card from the top of their pile and starts with 'Taco'. 

There are 3 special types of cards which add further to the fun. Each is an animal card with a designated action. The narwal card means everyone has to form a horn above their heads with both arms. The gorilla card means players beat their chest. The groundhog cards demands a quick drum on the table with knuckles. As soon as the special card action has been completed (as quickly as is humanly possible), players slam the central pile, with the slowest taking the penalty cards. 

The winner is the first to play away all their cards. 

It can take a while to get your head (and tongue) around the order of the words to be spoken. Helpfully, Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese, Pizza is written on the back of every playing card. It is also on the box and on the instruction booklet. The Cheese and Pizza cards are quite similar (no accident I am sure) and the background colour of the cards can change throughout the pack - again designed to keep you on your toes. 

My only criticism of this hugely enjoyable game, is that there are no higher levels for more advanced play. However, this is a game that is ripe for personalising as any mischievous family would see fit. If you do all become experts and are hungry for a bigger challenge, it would be very easy to agree some new rules to keep things fresh. 

Small, compact - makes a great travel game. We love the magnetic clasp to help keep the box closed and the contents secure. The perfect game to get the party started. Age defying, the teenagers and adults will enjoy this madcap silliness as much as the younger ones. 

For players aged 8 years +

For 2 - 8 players. 

Play lasts approx 10 minutes. 

Boxed Dimensions: 4 x 8 x 12 cm 

Contents: 64 cards & Instruction booklet.

Attention - small parts. Choking Hazard. Not suitable for children under the age of three years


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