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Spy Role Play Set

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The perfect disguise for your super sleuth! This set includes everything a serious spy could need - includes a black trench coat, a rather nifty fedora hat, rear-view sunglasses, a secret coded message card (with decoder lens supplied) and a fun spy manual. They'll be undertaking top secret assignments in no time! Recommended age  5 - 8 years. 
Packaging- 17.2 x4 X 18.5 inches. Age-5-8 years.

Why they'll love it

More than just an outfit. Comes with cool spy accessories. Write secret messages that can't be read without the special decoder lens. Make sure no one can sneak up behind and take you by surprise with the rear-view dark glasses. Disguise your appearance so even your nearest and dearest will not recognise you. Try your hand at code breaking and a scavenger hunt.

Why you'll love it

A well-made quality product from Melissa and Doug. We appreciate the thought behind this set - it is more than just an outfit and allows a richer role play experience with the inclusion of all the accessories. We love the unisex promotional pictures used by Melissa & Doug on this range. This is a great outfit for boys and girls. Not one of the more obvious choices, so nice to explore a different role play option. Packaging and hanger can be used as storage bag to hang up in wardrobe.


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