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Smart About Sharks

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This hardback book is just awesome. Sharks get a bad rap. Jaws has a lot to answer for, and knowledgeable, beautiful books like this deservedly reset the balance.

Sharks are incredible, fascinating creatures and this skillfully illustrated book give full justice to their power and might. It has just the right mix of pictures and facts. Great for the early reader who can enjoy the realistic illustrations and read alongside a parent or older sibling, but informative enough to keep conservation-minded trainee oceanographers interested too. Want to know about deep sea camouflage and countershading? How Sand tiger sharks play Hide-and-seek with their prey? Keen to learn how Black tip sharks employ strength in numbers to ensure a hearty meal? Then look no further.

A fabulous gift. Recommended for readers 6 years +

 Mad about Monkeys by the same author is also available.

Product Dimensions: 23.5 x 1.3 x 29.2 cm. Hardcover. 40 pages. 



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