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Sleeping Queens - Card Game, box and sample cards

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Sleeping Queens - Card Game

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Wakey-wakey! Be the first to rouse four queens in this right royal affair. There is the Pancake Queen, the Sunflower Queen , the Rose Queen  and many others . . . all wonderfully illustrated, full of character and waiting to be brought out of their slumber. 

Sleeping Queens relies on strategy, quick thinking and a little luck.

For 2 - 5 players.

Manufacturer recommends for players aged 8 years + (but we have found popular with younger reviewers of approx 6 years + who are used to playing card games).

Boxed dimensions: 12.1 x 3.8 x 14.6 cm

Why they'll love it

This charming game was invented by 6 year old Miranda Evarts who was finding it hard to fall asleep one bedtime. And there are some lovely enchanting details in her creation. For instance you can't hold the Cat Queen and Dog Queen in the same hand, they just don't get on! A knight card let's you steal a queen, but if you have a dragon card it will stop the knight in his tracks. A sleeping potion puts a queen back to sleep, unless you have a wand card . . .

Why you'll love it

A fun game for different ages to play together, great for sibling groups.

We have found this game a great move on from more simple pursuits like Uno. When young players are able to process a few more rules and want a fresh challenge.

Can help memory, strategic thinking and basic maths skills. Good travel size. 





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