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Sleeping Queens 2 - The Rescue - Card Game

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Royal subjects of the original Sleeping Queens are finally rewarded for their patience (17 years!) and loyalty. Hot off the press this Autumn (2022) from the original creator is the next adventure in this much loved and much played card game. 

The Pancake Queen and the Ladybug Queen are back, and this time they are joined by some new monarchs including the Yoga Queen and the Mountain Queen.  With a cast of courtly characters, the queens return with a new mission: to save the kings! Play queens to rescue kings from a parade of perilous predicaments. The Bubblegum king is stuck in place with, you guessed it, bubblegum. The Train king is trapped by too much luggage etc.  Find a magical companion to aid your quest, but watch out for Wild Gnomes, Sleeping Willows, and the ever-sneaky Switch Witch!

Each player has a knight's protection (they stand in front with a special power), but don't get too attached because if anyone rolls a dragon on the die, all the knights move left. 

Save the most kings to crown yourself the royal hero. 

Just like the original this is an attractive (the illustrations are still wonderful) early maths game for primary school children. It still rewards the player who recognises and completes subtraction and addition maths equations (big thumbs up from parents, for making maths fun). This time the box is a little bigger and there are more cards and rules. However it is clear that Sleeping Queens 2 is still a labour of love and it really shows. 


  • 84 cards
  • 10 rescue companions tiles
  • 6 knight pawns with stands
  • 1 custom die
  • Rules of play

For 2 - 5 players. Play is approx 20 minutes. 

Manufacturer recommends for players aged 8 years + (seasoned Sleeping Queens subjects may enjoy from a slightly earlier age). 

Boxed dimensions: 16 x 19 x 5 cm (approx).


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