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Scrawl (Green Box Edition)

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We love a contemporary twist on a much loved classic. If you enjoyed Pictionary when you were younger, then you must try Scrawl's modern take on drawing for laughs. 

Essentially, this is Chinese whispers conveyed through both pictures and words. Every player starts with a card with four choices (e.g. Really ugly baby / Karate chopping a frog / Monkey business / Slow day at the box factory). If you want to be strict you can all choose the same colour section, but we find more choice works better (especially with younger players).

Players choose one suggestion to draw (reusable card and pen provided) and once finished, they pass on to the next person. This player has to decide what has been drawn and describe it in words. They write this on their card, cover the original drawing and this is then passed on to the next player who has to draw it, pass it on etc., until the growing pile of cards makes its way back to the original artist. All players are doing this simultaneously so everyone is always writing or drawing. Players can only see the offering at the top of the pile (cards are clipped together). 

The real fun is seeing how far away the final drawing or description has moved from the original. The evolutions can be very funny and unexpected. Most groups have a mixture of talented and rotten artists to ensure things go a little wayward. Even works of art can receive terrible guesses and basic scribbles can describe something perfectly. Occasionally cards stay bang on track, despite the odds and that is definitely cause for celebration (and points!). A point is awarded to someone who entertained the original artist the most (which allows lots of wiggle room, blatant favouritism etc.)

Please note this is the green box edition suitable for younger players. The yellow box edition (available on other sites) is more adult themed (17 years +).  

Perfect around the kitchen table, but Scrawl also makes a great party game. And this is definitely one for the teens and tweens to appreciate. Some of the card offerings are nothing short of genius (Suitcase aquarium, raised by squirrels, badly trained dentist). In my next life I want to write Scrawl cards for Big Potato Games. What I particularly like about this game is that it really doesn't matter if your efforts are woeful. It is all about how much you laugh and very little about who ends up with the most points. 

Manufacturer recommends for players 12 years + . We feel this is a little cautious. In our experience players from 9 years + can really enjoy this game within a family group. And Scrawl is certainly entertaining enough for the adults to keep out and have another go when the kids are tucked up in bed. 

4 - 8 players. 20 - 30 minutes play per game (approx).

Contents - 240 cards, 8 boards, 8 pens and board clips (these may vary from image shown). 

Box dimensions - 260 x 240 x 60 mm


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