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Royal Flower Girl Lottie Doll

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This special royal edition Lottie is to commemorate the wedding of Meghan and Harry on the 19th May 2018.  This beautifully dressed flower girl has been asked by her uncle to be part of his special day when he walks down the aisle in St George's Chapel. When she expresses nerves at the prospect her uncle replies ' Be bold, be brave, be you!'

This Lottie wears a traditional satin flower girl dress and mary-jane style pumps. She carries her very own posy and a flower crown.

Also included is a piece of artwork designed by an 'Inspired by Real Kids' competition winner in the form of a wedding card. Inspired by Real Kids is an ongoing series of competitions whereby children design the products that they want to see on the toy shelf. 

Lottie is a doll who can most definitely stand on her own two feet. A British child who lives on Branksea island (loosely based on Brownsea island, Dorset).

This doll has brown eyes and long, straight dark hair. This brand is a winner of numerous international awards. Suitable for children 3 years +

15.2 x 5.1 x 19 cm. Suitable for children 3 years +

Why they'll love it

Small, portable size. The dolls in the range have different skin, hair and eye colours so if desired Lottie can be chosen to look similar to her owner. Wide range of hobbies and pursuits to reflect the interests of her owner. Easy to relate to. Lots of accessories and outfits available to further enhance play scenarios.

Why you'll love it

Based on the natural dimensions of a 9 year old child. Ethnically diverse. Lottie doesn't wear makeup, high heels or jewellery. She is interested in a range of hobbies from stargazing to gymnastics. Refreshing role model doll that a child can relate to. Made by a British company.

This particular Lottie is limited edition. Collectors item. A lovely memento of the Royal Wedding 2018.

Makes a perfect thank you gift for a bridesmaid.   






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