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Queen Of The Castle Lottie Doll

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Enter Lottie's world of imagination and dreaming. The perfect Lottie doll for children who love pretend play and dressing up. 

This Lottie has long fair hair and blue eyes. She is wearing a sparkly silver top, pink tutu style skirt, silver crown and a magnificent midnight blue cape with gold lining. Lottie wears gold slip on shoes. 

The brand is a winner of numerous international awards.

Boxed dimensions: 16 x 24 x 6 cm. Lottie Dolls are 18 cm high. Suitable for children aged 3 years and up

Why they'll love it

Small, portable size.

The dolls in the Lottie range come in a range of skin, hair and eye colours so if desired the doll can be chosen to look similar to her owner.

Wide range of hobbies and pursuits to reflect the interests of her owner.

Easy to relate to.

Lots of accessories and outfits available to further enhance play scenarios.

Why you'll love it

Based on the natural dimensions of a 9 year old child.

Ethnically diverse.

Lottie doesn't wear makeup, high heels or jewellery.

She is interested in a range of hobbies from stargazing to gymnastics.

Refreshing role model doll that a child can relate to.


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