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Pretty Paper Planes by Djeco

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Delight young Amelia Earharts and Amy Johnsons with this paper modelling kit for aspiring aviatrix. A simple step by step approach for young Origami beginners to fold and fly their own high performance paper aeroplanes. 

There are 20 aircraft to construct in 4 designs, as well as 20 fearless pilots to guide them through the skies. The perfect activity for a birthday party - building and then racing the colourful creations. The resulting planes are gorgeously coloured and eye-catching. 

Following instructions and folding the planes is a great activity for teaching patience, precision and practising hand-eye co-ordination. The repeated design allows children to try out their blossoming skills with one plane, and then repeat and see if they can improve and produce a superior flying machine the next time.

Packaged in a sturdy cardboard envelope. 

Djeco recommend for children aged 7 - 13 years. But let's face it, you are never too old to enjoy a paper plane.  

Packaging dimensions: 31.5 x 24 cm


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