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Pirate Queen - Lottie Doll Accessory

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The perfect accompaniment to Pirate Queen Lottie. A treasure chest brimming with silver coins, a treasure map to help you discover it and a skull and crossbones flag to claim your territory.

Lottie reads the tale of Grace O’ Malley, a real life pirate who lived many years ago in Ireland. Grace’s father was a clan chieftain who taught her to sail and she eventually came to be in charge of hundreds of men and many ships and became a very powerful woman; a ‘Pirate Queen’. Help Lottie to find the treasure chest containing the “pieces of eight” silver coins (pesos de ocho); the world’s first global currency that was used in Grace O’Malley’s time.

Suitable for children aged 3 years +

22 x 4.5 x 16.5 cm

Why they'll love it

Girls love pirating adventures on the high seas too. A great set to engage their imagination and enhance their small world play.

Why you'll love it

Arklu make great toys for girls (and boys) that don't fall into the same tired stereotypes regarding what certain genders enjoy. Lottie's experiences and hobbies can mirror her owners. Dressing Lottie and small world play can improve fine motor skills.


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