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Party - Puffy Stickers by Djeco

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This large pack of 126 big puffy stickers is full of fun. Super squishy and perfect for improving pretty much anything, add these stickers to notebooks, mirrors, bunk beds, dressing tables . . .

The theme is incredibly cute - a menagerie of animals having the best party. There is a hippo dancing and still managing to balance a pineapple on her head, a bear on a unicycle and a cymbal crashing elephant . . . and they are all puffy. The design is retro, colourful and fun. 

Easy to peel and the puffiness makes these stickers easier for little fingers to grasp and handle. An ideal size for decorating. This collection can be used in art projects, to personalise party invitations & thank you cards, to illustrate stories and to decorate favourite belongings. 

Pocket money budget friendly. Makes a great party prize (cut into sections for party bags)

Pack contains 2 sheets of stickers - 126 in total. Sticker sheet size is 29.5 x 21cm.

Recommended for children 3 - 6 years.

Pack dimensions: 30.5 x 23.5 cm (approx)



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