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Old Enough To Save The Planet

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This wonderful book is a celebration of 12 real life children from around the globe who have made an impact in their local communities regarding climate change. Harnessing the spirit of Greta ('No one is too small to make a difference) these young activists each have their own story of how they are playing their part and taking action against climate change. 

Beach cleaning in Australia, reducing food waste in France, encouraging families to use green transport for school journeys in India - all feature. In the UK Amy and Ella's fight against single-use plastic is highlighted. With full colour illustrations throughout and simple but engaging text. 

Positive and uplifting. This is a great book to start helping children connect their everyday behaviours to larger consequences. It focuses on what can be done, and the success stories already out there, which is welcome at a time when the climate news can seem so negative and the task to improve things can seem daunting. 

Includes a helpful 'How can you help to save the planet?' section at the end.  

A valuable addition to home and school libraries.  

The Publisher recommends for children aged 4 - 7 years. However we feel older primary school children will also really enjoy (our 10 year old still engaged well with this book and was very open to the messages within). 


Paperback; 280 x 240 mm (P); 32pp


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