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No Thanks! - The Pay Or Play Card Game, front image

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No Thanks! - The Pay Or Play Card Game

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This unassuming looking game has fast become a favourite Chez After Alice. 

Like most good games, it has a simple premise, is quick to understand and start playing (very important in our house). Players try and score the fewest points to win the game.  

The rules are straightforward.

Players can choose to pick up the card in play (numbered from 3 to 35). At the end of the game the number on that card will count as points (remember you want the lowest score). Or they can choose to leave it ("No Thanks!") by placing one of their counters on top (each counter minuses one point from a player's score at the end, players all start with the same number of counters). An unwanted card may amass quite a few counters as play continues, until it becomes an attractive prospect for a player to pick up. 

Bold players who want a particular card, may test their nerve and allow it to do another round of play, in the hope that it will accrue a few more precious counters before they can collect it on their next turn. 

Players can collect a run of cards (e.g. 7, 8, 9) and then only the lowest card is counted when points are tallied. 

At the start of every game, 9 cards are removed from the pack unseen, so noone knows which cards are in play. 

A great game for encouraging numeracy confidence in children. They'll be practising maths without even realising. Successful players need to consider probability, and the strategy of their opponents. Plus when counters are running low, strategies change. And of course a dose of luck also plays a part. There is a pleasing element to this fast paced pursuit - watching the cogs turn in young players, who are calculating at what point a card becomes an attractive prospect and is worth the gamble. 

A compact card game. A good choice for holidays and entertainment on the go. Brilliant for a range of ages - grandparents will enjoy this just as much as the kids. 

It is easy to see why this game has been nominated for several awards (including a recommendation by the prestigious 2005 Spiel des Jahres). The packaging is not as child friendly as it could be, but make no mistake - this is a decent addition to your games cupboard. 

Recommended for children 8 years +

Boxed dimensions: 12.5 x 17 x 5.5 cm (approx). 

Designed for children aged 8 years +

Please note that the counters in this game are a choking hazard. Please take special care to keep these components away from young children. 






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