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Net Bag Marbles - Printed Clown Fish

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Net Bag Marbles - Printed Clown Fish

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Set contains one solid white 22mm marble with a printed Clown Fish and a net bag with 18 small marbles (16mm). Small marble design is solid orange with stripes of white, brown and multi-colour.
Larger marble measures 22mm. Small marbles measure 16mm. Warning: Not suitable for children under the age of 3 as small parts may present a choking hazard.

Why they'll love it

So many games, so many variations. Great to collect, swap and compete for. Give a child a handful of marbles and let the good times roll.

Why you'll love it

Some of the old games are still the best. There is something particularly satisfying about watching children discover the pleasure of a traditional toy. Perfect for party bags.


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