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My Travel Journal - Lonely Planet Kids

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How would you like to swap 'are we nearly there yet?!' for concentrated silence and the odd sound of an intent scribble on paper? Sound like travelling bliss? Then this may be the book for you. Give your child an exciting project at the start of their holiday or trip. One that will keep them amused, engaged and entertained. Reduce the need for questions and repetitive slogans of boredom! Enjoy your journey with your kids! 

This bright and bold journal is from the clever folk at Lonely Planet Kids. Packed with writing topic suggestions, lists to complete, ideas for getting the creative juices flowing and lots more fill‐in fun, this is the perfect way for young travellers to record their memories from a trip.

There’s space to write, draw, collage, colour and complete – turning the finished journal into a wonderful scrapbook to treasure forever. With fun illustrations, a super‐bright neon cover and a handy, backpack sized format, it’s a must‐have item for any trip. We love the elasticated scrap that keeps all the treasures safe inside the book. Publisher recommends for travellers aged 5 - 8 years. 

72 pages, 72 pp colour | Dimensions: 165mm x 210mm


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