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My Daily Magnetic Calendar

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My Daily Magnetic Calendar

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What's the day today? What is the date? What season are we in?

This brightly coloured magnetic calendar board is a great way for children to get a grip on their daily schedule. Provide visual answers to all those questions.

Bright detailed tiles cover a whole host of information, including the weather, temperature and special UK holidays.

Sections can also be used as mini white board for more personalised information e.g. activities.

Product Dimensions:39.88 x 2.29 x 29.97 cm

Why they'll love it

A hands-on way to learn the days of the week and the months of the year and lots more besides.

Chunky magnetic pieces are easy to select and move. Tiles can be chosen to reflect what is happening each day.

Section for emotions so child can express how they feel.

Includes seasons, weather and holidays.

Why you'll love it

Help children anticipate their day ahead and better understand the passage of time.

A great communication tool.

Fabric hinged boards for easy storage. Cord attached for hanging on wall.


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