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My First Bananagrams

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This is a simplified, quicker version of the modern classic Bananagrams. This fruity fresh version is designed for a younger audience - from 4 years +

Colourful word tiles are stored in a soft green material banana skin (not quite as ripe as the original yellow Bananagrams). All that is needed is a flat surface and enough room to play. No board, paper or pen is necessary. Light and compact for out and about entertainment. 

You start by placing all 80 single letter tiles facedown in the center of the table. These form the “Bunch.” Each player takes 15 single-letter tiles. The object of the game is to be the first to use all your letters in a connected word grid without a spelling mistake, proper noun or abbreviation. Combo letter tiles (13 in total) are also included to aid young players in correct word formation (e.g. 'oo', 'th', 'ee'). If a player gets stuck on a tile, they can swap for 3 new ones. 

Fast, furious fun. Who doesn't love shouting BANANAS a lot?! A wonderful way to enjoy practising literacy, without even realising. 

As well as the main game, there are also multiple ways to use the tiles to encourage children's confidence in their reading skills. There are varied exercises in the instructions to demonstrate how to make the most of this game with young children.

Simple but a lot of fun.  A great game for extending vocabulary. 

For 1 - 4 players. Play time approx 15 minutes.  Recommended for children 4 years +.

Product dimensions: 22.9 x 7.6 x 7.6 cms


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