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My Big Art Show - Card Game and Book

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My Big Art Show - Card Game and Book

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A different gift for the art lover. This set of cards and its accompanying book form a lively art-exhibition game for children aged 8 years +. Each card represents a work of art. As well as key information, such as artist and date, the cards also use symbols and colours to indicate which Movement and Theme the work represents. There are twelve movements – including Renaissance, Impressionism, Cubism, Surrealism and Pop Art. Resembling Rummy, the aim is to be the first to ‘put on a show’.
14.00 x 20.40 cm. Box set. 60 pages.

Why they'll love it

This engaging and fun game encourages children to become familiar with great art works and movements from the last five centuries, and helps them recognise the styles and themes that paintings share. The book provides further information on the artworks and artists, answers to questions on the cards and alternative games to play.

Why you'll love it

A great introduction to the variety and scope found in the art world. The cards show reproductions of over fifty major works of art, and children collect these cards in the game to curate their own art show.  Packaged in box set.


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