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Monopoly Junior, boxed

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Monopoly Junior

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We were unsure about the trend for 'kiddifying' much loved board game classics. However after a particular afternoon at home 'enjoying' the original with my girls, ended in hot tears of frustration, shouty tantrums and "Mummy this game is NOT fun" I decided to give Monopoly Junior a try.


The difference was quite marked. Hasbro Gaming have done a good job of streamlining the original concept, but keeping crucial features. The board itself is smaller. The monopoly pieces are larger and reduced to 4 choices (cat, dog, ship and car) so no one has to agree to be the old boot. The money has been simplified to one pound bank notes and there are only Chance cards. Certain rules remove the potential for a lot of the arguments e.g. you have to buy a property that you land on. Having markers to remind players who owns what property also helped keep the peace. 


Play is much quicker than the original. We finished a game in around 40 minutes which was about right for concentration spans involved. Once a player is bankrupt, play finishes and whoever has the most money, wins. 


Without a doubt this game allows younger children to engage with Monopoly, rather than holding out until they can be introduce to the unabridged game. A good addition to the family games cupboard. Board Dimensions: 38 x 38 cm. For 2 - 4 players. Recommended for children aged 5 years +
Not suitable for children under 3 years (choking hazard, small parts). Box Dimensions 26.8 x 26.6 x 5.2 cm











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