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Mini Wooden Flower Press, side angle

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Mini Wooden Flower Press

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You just can't beat a classic. Children have been delighted by pressing flowers for generations. A great gift, probably one they wouldn't have asked for, but one they will quickly grow to love. A perennial favourite.

A slow activity that rewards the art of patience.

This mini version is ideal for popping in a rucksack in case it is needed on a countryside walk or visit to the park. Includes instruction booklet for considerate careful flower picking. 

Measures 10 x 10 x 5 cm approx.

Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Why they'll love it

Preserve the flower and the memory from that glorious country walk. Create art.

A great addition on cards, collages and in scrapbooks.

Simple to use. Unscrew the metal fasteners and place flower, petals, leaves into the slots of the cardboard pressings. Tighten the screws and let the press flatten what has been placed inside. Best to leave flowers at least one week. Patience required!

Why you'll love it

Sure, you could drag off a big heavy book from the shelf and use that instead, but this small, solid flower press does a great job.

The perfect way to encourage them outdoors with a project. Learn about wildflowers and habitats. Supplied booklet encourages thoughtful picking and ideas for projects. 

Can be used time and time again once the paper supplied runs out, simply by purchasing ordinary blotting paper or rice paper from a stationery shop.


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