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My Magnetic Responsibility Chart

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A useful resource for encouraging positive behaviour in young children.  A saviour for parents with threenagers (apparently this is a thing!) and any little darlings who need clear incentives to help them understand what is expected of them.

Some parents report that prompting a child to check a '3rd party' board can lead to more success than relying on direct verbal requests alone.

A wonderfully visual, colourful product that has been designed for the child to use themselves (easy to move tiles, for the child to set new goals and give themselves stars for their successes).

The magnetic chart is formed of two hinged boards - one to track goals and targets across the week (e.g. tidy room every day - with a space to put a magnet if this has been achieved) and a second blank board below for magnet storage. Includes 133 magnets with various designs. Some magnets depict the target ("wash dishes") and others are award magnets for when a task is successfully completed (smiley faces and stars). Includes four blank magnets to customise for your own family targets.

For ages 3 years +

Contains two boards and 133 magnets. Size of board- 39.6 x 30 X 3cm. Measures 16" x 12" when closed; 16" x 24" when open.

For children aged 3 years plus.

Why they'll love it

Builds independence. A handy memory aid for little ones.

A great visual aid for those that can't yet read or are learning to read as the pictures on the magnetic tiles help explain the task. Also works well with older children who prefer a concrete, visual form of communication.

Allows you to work together with your child to decide on the goals for the week, and, where appropriate, let them set their own goals.

Why you'll love it

Step back and let the board do the work! A great tool for positive reinforcement and teaching responsibility. Expectations can rise as the child gets older, more independent and keen for the next challenge.

Can be paired with physical rewards for goals reached (if you get x stars this week you will earn this much to spend at the fair). 

Helps children understand the concept of behaviour, consequences and rewards.

Sturdy cord for hanging on wall.


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