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Make Your Own Sausage Dog - Buttonbag

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This is one adorable gift. Kit contains everything you need to crochet the cutest canine in town. Knitting Yarn, metal crochet hook, stuffing, full instructions. If you can crochet you'll love making this adorable dog. Finished dog measures between 14 and 24 cm ( depending on how tight your crochet stitches are). Buttonbag recommends for children 8 years +
Tube measures 42 cm.

Why they'll love it

Learn a new skill, or get better at a freshly learned one. Great for developing hand-eye co-ordination and honing fine motor skills. Finished pooch sports colourful rainbow doggy sweater. We almost can't bear to sell him. Child friendly instructions (have been written for and tested on children before coming to market). Nothing beats being able to say to your friends 'I made this!'  

Why you'll love it

We love the whole 'make, do and mend' philosophy, and Buttonbag personifies this brilliantly. Beautiful packaging. A lovely gift, especially from a grandma or auntie who can be on hand to help out with the crochet execution! May be a little ambitious if there is not an adult on hand who is a little bit crafty, or ideally someone who has crocheted before. Great price for a quality product. Buttonbag was originally two innovative ladies who had a stall at Greenwich market, fast forward some years and they are now a popular brand.


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