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Magnetic My To Do List front cover

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Magnetic My To Do List

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Are you fed up of asking your children to get dressed or clear away toys? While we can't promise little angels, this toy has been designed to help children get organised, learn good habits, and become more independent and responsible.

Includes a board, pen and 28 magnetic pieces. Each magnetic piece is double sided, with a task on one side, and ‘Done´ with a smiley face on the other.   Choose from the 12 activities, such as cleaning the table, feeding the pet, or just doing something nice for somebody. There are also 4 blank pieces so you can write your own tasks that reflect your family priorities.

Recommended age - 4 years +  

Board approx. - 20 x 32 cm, 28 pieces.

Why they'll love it

A great aid for children who benefit from visual and tangible ways of communicating. And who doesn’t love getting a smiley face for a completed task?!

Clear and simple with pictures to help younger children.

Why you'll love it

We all get tired of the broken record style of communication with our children.  This board provides a colourful and age appropriate reference point for young children and hopefully less need for endless repetition.

The board magnetically attaches to fridge & other metallic surfaces for ease of use. Can also be hung by supplied cord (thread cord through holes and tie knot to secure).


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