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Magic School - Card Game By Djeco, front of pack

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Magic School - Card Game By Djeco

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Wands at the ready! To pass magic school you will need to work together as a team.
Join forces and match each of the characters to their correct magical items.

A game that allows siblings and playmates to take a break from trying to beat each other, and instead work together to fulfill the quest. Play only lasts 10 minutes, but with any luck there can be another round!

The witches hat forms a pair with the little witch, the book of spells needs to be returned to the warlock . . . both memory skills and player cooperation is needed to successfully match 10 magical pairs. Watch video for more information.

Quick to understand and to begin to play. Compact fun for on the go. 

For magical folk aged 5 years +

For 1 - 6 players/witches/wizards. 

Play duration approx 10 mins.  

32 cards. Boxed dimensions: 12 x 9 x 3cm 


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