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Magformers Space Traveller Set - 35 pieces

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Get ready for blast off with an out of this world Magformers set. Using the colourful geometric shapes, children can create both 2D shapes and 3D constructions. 2D patterns can be laid out flat on a surface (demonstrated in booklet) and then pulled up to create a 3D figure - creating a real Wow moment. Comes with step by step guide / story book featuring the also included Alien figure, to further aid imaginative play and provide a fun way to learn all about 3D shapes in the Magformers universe. Magformers are compatible and interchangeable across the product range. 

Magformers use Neodymium magnets that are 5 times stronger than the average magnets commonly used in toys. This leads to stronger structures that hold together better, hopefully resulting in fewer frustrating play moments. This toy has been safety tested and has the CE mark (meets EU safety and health and environmental requirements conformed by European Community). Suitable for children from 3 years +

Product dimensions: 28.2 x 24 x 5 cm



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