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Leon The Dragon - Giant Puzzle (58 Pieces)

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Not all princesses need saving. Some are brave, bold and ready to face the dragon. This giant floor puzzle features a colourful and fiery mythical beast. Once put together Leon the Dragon measures an impressive 1.38 meters. The large pieces make this jigsaw a perfect activity for little hands.  

Recommended for courageous warriors aged 5 years + (but younger able children can enjoy this challenge too)

Designed by Muriel Kerba, Leon is a very child-friendly chap.

Great for developing shape recognition and motor co-ordination. Puzzles can help children build their concentration, problem solving skills and patience.

Box Dimensions: 33cm x 19cm x 9cm


Why they'll love it

A colourful, appealing puzzle that rewards with an impressively large dragon at the finish.

There are lots of different details and curves in the puzzle to keep it interesting and stimulating.

Why you'll love it

Good quality children's puzzle.

The high design ethics of Djeco always shine through.

Sturdy strong storage box (or lair!). 


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