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Puppy Love Sewing Kit - Buttonbag, boxed

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Puppy Love Sewing Kit - Buttonbag

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Another gorgeous gift from Buttonbag. These little pooches are perfect for dog lovers and anyone who would like (but isn't allowed) a pet. With pre-cut shapes in super-soft craft felt, they are very easy to sew - Buttonbag have put an age guide of 8 years + (but with support this kit could be enjoyed by younger children too).

Packed in a lovely little green suitcase, this kit contains everything you need to make 3 very cute puppies. Great for small world play. These could also make great brooches or badges too.

A great project for encouraging children to get creative. 

The sturdy spotty suitcase is great for storage during the sewing process and makes a cosy cute home for the pups afterwards. 

Suitcase dimensions: 22 x 15 x 7.5 cm (approx) 

Why they'll love it

Learn a new skill, or get better at a freshly learned one. Great for developing hand-eye co-ordination and honing fine motor skills. Finished puppies are different colours/breeds and wonderfully characterful. We almost can't bear to sell them.

Child friendly instructions (have been written for and tested on children before coming to market).

Nothing beats being able to say to your friends 'I made this!' Keep your favourite and give the others away to your favourite pals.  

Why you'll love it

We love the whole 'make, do and mend' philosophy, and Buttonbag personifies this brilliantly. Beautiful packaging. Child friendly design. A lovely gift which comes with a built-in sense of achievement.

A good couple of hours entertainment here and perfect for keeping little fingers and big minds busy on an aeroplane flight, or on a rainy afternoon. 

Buttonbag was originally two innovative ladies who had a stall at Greenwich market, fast forward some years and they are now a popular brand.


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