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Jane Austen - Little Thinker Doll on a chair

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Jane Austen - Little Thinker Doll

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Inspire. Enlighten. Cuddle. Soft plush Jane Austen doll in period dress. Born in 1775, Jane led a quiet unassuming life, the daughter of a clergyman. Yet her novels have left an incredible literary legacy enjoyed the world over. This quirky line of toys celebrates the great minds of our time and introduces them to a young audience. Approximately 11" tall.
19 x 13.5 x 18.8 cm

Why they'll love it

A wonderful gift for lovers of great literature, young novelists and students discovering Jane Austen's work for the first time. Perfect for sitting on a desk and inspiring the future generations.

Why you'll love it

A fun way to introduce the younger generation to this author. Austen's novels are full of wit, irony and social commentary - something we feel a lot of teens will appreciate. A less obvious gift for the tricky teen market.


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