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Into the Wild - An Exotic Woodland Colouring Book

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There are colouring books, and then there are colouring books.

This one is sumptuous, sophisticated and teeming with life. The skilful eye and hand of Daisy Fletcher (Royal College of Art) has populated each page, each spread, with a wonderful woodland world. Hares, butterflies, otters, chipmunks, deer and horses lurk inside ready to be brought to life with colour. Wolves howl, owls perch amongst a plethora of flora, waiting for your pencil or pen. 

The grande finale, presented by two handsome beetles, open to present  a magical 4 page spread where unicorns graze between giant toadstools, under the watchful gaze of a griffin. 

The book is a little larger than A4 (23.5 x 31cm) paperback with sturdy card covers with a gold foiled title. Areas to be coloured in are bright white, against a cream coloured background. This gives this book an unusual, refined look and still allows for a sunset or landscape to be added as desired. 

Suitable for pens, pencils and pastels. 84 pages. Paperback with Flaps. 79 illustrations. All coloured images depicted are to suggest what end effect may look like.

There is no official publishers age recommendation on this title but we feel it would be enjoyed by all ages, but especially by artists with good pen/pencil control aged 8 years +

Book Dimensions: 310 x 235 mm. 

Why they'll love it

The ideal way to calm down before bedtime (works for parents too!). Sometimes reading can lead to a more wakeful mind, this book provides a relaxing bedtime routine alternative. 

The beautifully depicted, rich world of flora and fauna will delight nature lovers. 

The design and look of this colouring book make it a great choice for tweens, teens and adults too. 


Why you'll love it

Colouring is a great way to switch off and wind down. Away from screens and devices. The end result after focused colouring, looks impressive, like a mini work of art. And it feels satisfying too. 


A beautiful book that makes a great gift. Perfect paired with a fresh pack of crayons, pencils or pens. 




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