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Hippo First Sewing Kit - Buttonbag

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Another great gift from Buttonbag. Designed to appeal to boys as well as girls, this kit has pre-cut shapes with holes punched around the edges. Select a coloured embroidery thread - there are six colours to choose from in each kit - thread the plastic safety needle and sew around the edges.

Great for learning the basic principles of sewing and teaching dexterity.

Buttonbag recommend this kit for children aged 4 + with some adult assistance.

Box dimensions: 25.6 x 22.6 x 4 cm

Why they'll love it

Learn a new skill, or get better at a freshly learned one.

Great for developing hand-eye co-ordination and honing fine motor skills.

Child friendly instructions (have been written for and tested on children before coming to market).

Nothing beats being able to say to your friends 'I made this!'  

Why you'll love it

We love the whole 'make, do and mend' philosophy, and Buttonbag personifies this brilliantly.

Bright, attractive packaging. A lovely gift which comes with a built-in sense of achievement. A good hour's entertainment here and perfect for keeping little fingers and big minds busy on an aeroplane flight, or on a rainy afternoon.

Hippos appeal to boys and girls. We feel that sewing is a great life skill for everyone to learn, and not just for boys who join the navy!

Great price for a quality product. Designed in the UK.

Buttonbag was originally two innovative ladies who had a stall at Greenwich market, fast forward some years and they are now a popular brand.


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