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Gubs - a Game of Wit & Luck

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The first time my daughters played this card game they went from perfect contentment to despair and tears in the space of a turn. That's when I realised there was some wisdom behind the recommendation that Gubs is a game for children aged 10 years + (mine were 7 and 9 years). There is a clean brutality at times in this game. Where your carefully nurtured hand is suddenly whisked into another player's clutches before you can say "What the?". 

But there are many reasons to love Gubs (perhaps including that one). This game is definitely a step up from Uno and other games for younger folk that you have probably reached the limit of. There are many cards (70 in fact), richly detailed and charmingly illustrated, and rules to be understood and followed. However, once you have played it for the first time, you will be a Gubs veteran and eager for the whimsical next round. Children who enjoy attention to detail and cause & effect will really appreciate what Gubs has to offer as a game.   

So what is it all about? Gubs usually reside beneath the dewy clover, struggling for their survival. Your aim is to build the mightiest Gub colony before the letter cards emerge from the deck to signal the end (once G-U-B is spelt it is all over). Through the course of this epic contest, you will find this world a dangerous place. The Gubs must be protected from hungry giant omen beetles, deadly wasps and flash floods. Luckily there are valiant toad riders, mushroom barricades to build and spears to arm the vulnerable creatures in your protection. This offering from Gamewright is clearly a labour of love for the creator, and it shows. 

Comes in a strong tin. An ideal travel game. 

Contains 70 cards and rules of play.Playing time - about 20 minutes. Entertains 2 - 6 players. For children aged 10 years +

Tin dimensions -14.3 x 10.2 x 3.8 cm

Why they'll love it

A fun family game that will keep a wide range of ages entertained. A good choice for slightly older children who are ready for more detail and complexity in their play.

The fascinating habitat of the Gubs is superbly depicted on the cards and will appeal to players with vivid imaginations and a love of fantastical worlds. 

Why you'll love it

Its strong tin and compact size make it a good choice for holidays and playing on the go.

A game that reinforces creativity, imagination and probability. 

Gubs has been awarded a whole cabinet of awards including the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio platinum award, Dr Toy's Best Vacation Products, Play Advances Language Award and Parents' Choice Recommended. 





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