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Forbidden island with some contents next to tin

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Forbidden Island

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Well, this makes a refreshing change. Forbidden Island is a cooperative board game. Unlike other games that insist you compete against other players to win, in this game, everyone must work together to be victorious.

The eponymous island is built by arranging stunning screen-printed tiles before play begins. As the game progresses land is lost as island tiles sink, and the players need to use strategies to collect treasures and prevent the island disappearing altogether. As the water level rises, play gets trickier and difficult decisions and sacrifices must be made.

This is a well crafted product, with lots of attention to detail. From the wooden pawns to the durable vibrant cards, the creator has clearly taken the time to ensure Forbidden Island will please on many levels. For the price, we think this is a great quality game that will become a real gem of the games cupboard. 

There are different levels of difficulty to suit the ability and age of players. The more players, the faster and more difficult the game. Officially recommended for players aged 10 years + but due to the unified goal of the players, younger children may also enjoy this game with support. 

Contents include 58 playing cards, 24 island tiles, 6 pawns, 4 treasure figurines and rules of play. Playing time  is approx 30 minutes. Entertains 2 - 4 players. Recommended for children aged 10 years +

Tin dimensions - 22.22 x 16.51 x 6.98 cm.

Why they'll love it

A fantastically sneaky way to foster good relations between players (siblings?) as they have to recognise each others strengths and work together for a good outcome. Even the youngest kids can feel like they are a big part of play because each character has a special ability that helps the group reach their aim. In Forbidden Island everyone wins, or everyone loses which can avoid tricky gloating situations. Plus it is impossible to leave someone out and there are no potentially painful team choosing moments.  

Why you'll love it

This is a good solid family game that will keep a wide range of ages entertained. For a board game it is pretty compact and easy to store. It is housed in a tin rather than a box which will help its longevity. 

Encourages strategic thinking, problem solving and clear communication skills. 

Forbidden Island has won many awards including 2010 Mensa Select Games Winner (Best Family Game), Boardgame Geek Golden Geek Award, Games Magazine Top 100 Game and Creative Child Magazine Game of the Year. 







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