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Enno worry eater keyring

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Enno the Worry Eater (Sorgenfresser) Keyring

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Another adorable Worry Eater in mini keyring size. Enno may be small, but he is still has a huge hunger for munching niggles and troubles.  This very cute  genuine soft plush Worry Eater (Sorgenfresser) loves to gobble troubles and anxieties on the go. Enno is a key ring who can be attached to school bags, pencil cases, coats or anything else, and taken along just in case his on the spot services are needed (some worries can have the habit of following folk around). A lovely gift to give comfort and reassurance.


Enno has milk chocolate & cream coloured stripes across his tummy. My daughters can't quite decide if he reminds them of a dog, cat or  bear, or some wonderful hybrid in between. His mouth is secured with velcro and can be opened and closed so he can be fed small pieces of paper.The keyring is secured to his head. 

This innovative toy is brilliant for 'eating' nightmares and acting as a ‘waste bin’ for worries of all shapes and sizes. Children simply write or draw their troubles on a piece on paper and feed them into the zip mouth of the Worry Eater. 

Measures approx 10cms in height. Other varieties available. Suitable from 6 years +

10 cms in height (approx). For children aged 6 years + 

Why they'll love it

Some worriers find the simple act of writing down what is bothering them helps, or sharing it with another person (or creature!). This toy can help children share what is on their mind, in a way they might not feel ready to with a concerned adult.

Worry Eaters can even make helpful suggestions, remind a child of their strengths or maybe even just leave them a joke (ready to be found in the morning in their mouth, in place of the worry).

Why you'll love it

Winner of the silver medal at the Independent Toy Awards.

These colourful cuddly companions stick around in good times and bad, for children of all ages. Parents find the award-winning characters ideal for keeping channels of communication open with their youngsters whilst also being a fun, vibrant plaything.

Supported by teachers and psychologists as a useful aid for helping children deal with worries and anxieties. Can be a useful tool for helping extend emotional vocabulary and encourage children to talk more about their mood states. 



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